10 Adorable Things Pet Owners Do for their Fluffy Friends

Owning a pup doesn’t just make you a simple pet owner. Most of the time, it turns you into some sort a parent – adjusting to their needs and making sure their welfare always comes a priority.

Many dog parents go above and beyond to make sure their pets are comfortable and happy.  Take a look at these sweet and creative things humans do for their adorable pooches.


Do you own a dachshund or any short-legged dog? We’re sure these elevated platforms and stairs would help them pass the doggie door or climb into your bed without straining their muscles.


Going on a joyride? Hop on to these train an old man made for his rescued stray dogs.


Love means helping your beloved pet in the toughest of times. This crippled pet no longer feels inferior. With that walker, he can roam around the village just like any other dog.


Now they can clearly feed on their food with their bangs tied up.


They may not be able to go outside, but at least they still get to see the neighbor’s view with these peeking holes.


A dog bed in a bed! This one’s perfect for your short-legged pets.


Is it sweater weather??? Try this DIY bed for your favourite pets!


Is it your dog’s birthday? Surprise him with this bed of balls he will surely love!



Teach your pet how to be independent with a dog bowl drawer he can open anytime when he’s hungry or thirsty.



Can’t be with your pet whole day? Maybe you need to do what this dog owner had done. A play-fetch machine!

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