huge cat

10 Enormous But Adorable Cats!

We often associate cute with small stuff, like puppies and kittens?  Gigantic cats can look and feel adorable too (not to mention cuddly).  Oops!  We’re not talking about the giant lions and tigers. We are talking about the domestic cats that grow like the wild cat but won’t have you for dinner.


Not sure if the cat’s really big or is the baby just small? But they look like they’re having the best sleep beside each other.

Oh my! Garfield is that you???


This one’s looks like a carpet with a banana on it. But really, the cat is not just in the mood for anything right now.

Lucky human! She’s got a human-sized kitty pillow!


This cat is like a nest resting on a tree.

All-white tummy cat!


An enormous cat could work as a dumbbell too.

A giant ball of clouds!


Remember Hermione when she turned into a cat? This one looks like her.


She looks soft enough to sleep on or even fluffy enough to keep you warm

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