15 of the Cutest Sleeping Puppies Ever

We’ve seen a lot of cute photos of baby pets. Some are playing, dancing, or just posing in front of the cameras but we’ve realized that the most adorable photos are taken when these little creatures are sleeping.

Sleeping Puppy with Tongue Out

This puppy is too cute!!! Sleeping with its tongue out!


puppy inside a shoe

This certainly is one of the cutest for fitting into a shoe.


cute puppy sleeping flat

There he goes! Just laying flat and sleeping like nobody’s watching.


puppy inside dog bowl

That moment when you’re hungry but also sleepy. You end up sleeping inside your food plate.


dog sleeping bridging table

Sometimes, the most comfortable sleeping position is the one that looks the weirdest.


puppy inside a slipper

And another one that fits into a slipper! So cute!


two puppies kissing sleeping

Not sure if they’reĀ asleep quite yet but they look pretty tired.


puppy sleeping inside a car

When you don’t have a place to seat anymore. The car handle will do!


super cute puppy sleeping

Too adorable!


super tired puppy sleeping

He must be too tired!


two dogs sleeping

Probably how you and your friend looks like when you’re both drunk and tired. #bffgoals


puppy sleeping with toy

This little kiddo can’t sleep without his toy. How cute???


newborn puppy sleeping

This one looks like a newborn sleeping.


puppy slept after reading

Well, who wouldn’t fall asleep when reading right?


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