17 Photos of Animals Behaving Human

Animals have lots of traits that are endearing and extremely entertaining.  They perform tricks, play fetch, keep us company, give us love, and even model for us.  They are pretty smart too.  They watch us and even learn from our behavior.  Sometimes, they learn so much they begin to behave like humans.

Try as you might to not be amazed by how quickly they can learn to take their own pictures, drive the family car, read a book, ride a bike, or just relax on the sofa and watch TV.   Their intelligence is limitless.  Their growth physically, mentally, and emotionally comes from the environment, so give them lots of love and attention.  Check out these amazing animals!

Shopping Carts Cats

1.Can you check our grocery list

camera monkey

2. It might be the aperture or banana shutter speed


3. Swing it like its hot

Dog Watching TV

4. These animals doing tricks on TV bores me

5. Me and mah pillow

Swinging Hamster

6.Tarzan wanna be

Driving Dog

7.Beep beep

Dog on Computer

8.Doing SEO

Driving Dog

9.Thought it was tinted

Reading Dog


Dog on bicycle

11. Bike 101

Cat watching TV


Dog and kid looking outside

13. Check out those kids outside the window



Dog at bar

15. Real dogs drink beer

Dog Riding Bicycle

16.In case i get thirsty

Cat on computer

17. Wow! these animals on the internet behave like humans, awesome!!


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