cute then and now pic dog and owner

20 Cutest Before and After Photos of Pets

‘Before and After’ photos have that heartwarming effect on people. It’s amazing to see how people grow so much and yet still stays the same. It’s the same for pets. In fact, it’s even more touching to see how pets and their humans grow together. The fact that the lifespan of pets are shorter than people makes you want to appreciate your own pet and their faithfulness.

Check out these loving photos of pets, some with their owners, and how they grow old and happy.

1 year apart cat in shoulder

1 year and this cat still likes sitting on her human’s shoulder.

1 year apart dog cabinet

These photos are taken one year apart. Obviously, he’s grown so much!

3 months apart black dog in cabinet

“three months and I can no longer fit in here? Why?”

3 months apart two dogs

This dog just outgrown his big brother. Ooops!

3 years apart black and brown dog

3 years together. Eternity to come! #BFF

5 months after deployment

Such a heartwarming reunion with this pooch whom he has seen 5 months after his military deployment.

5 months apart pic dog

Photos taken 5 months apart! Apparently, the dog tag looks smaller now.

6 months apart cat in lavatory

“Look mom! I can still fit in here!”

6 months apart cat

“Uhhhmmm… I think you need a bigger bag for me!”

7 months apart husky

He used to be really cute, just sleeping while traveling. Now, he’s quite scary!

10 years apart dog and owner with wall painting

Bigger than ever! He’ll always outgrow his human even 10 years after.

10 years apart dog and owner

Another friendship that stood the test of time. 10 years together!

10 years apart dog

They both grew some beard. Kidding!

12 years cat and owner

12 years after and this cat still wears the same cute smile.

14 years apart dog and owner

Hmmm.. Looks like some blonde hair were transferred to the dog…

17 years apart gray cat and owner

Together for 17 years.

17 years apart turtle

Woaaah! The turtle grew quite fast!

cute then and now pic dog and owner

This is such a cute photo! The cat can still do the trick!

then and now cat and toy

Surprised to see the toy’s still aliive!

then and now gray dog big

Ooopps! Now covering up his human’s entire face.

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