Pit bull cuddles owner

8 Reasons Why Pit Bull Might Be the Perfect Pet for You

Pit bulls often get the bad image. They are stereotyped as aggressive dogs. It’s unfair how they get treated because people think they are violent and can’t be tamed. If you’ve been around one, you’ll know how lovable they can be. Here are 8 reasons you might want to consider having Pit Bull as your pet.

1. They are playful and friendly. They have this certain “gameness” that drive them to do whatever makes their masters happy.

Pit bull playing

Pit bulls playing
2. Pit bulls have higher intelligence than many other breeds. They are capable of learning new tricks.

Pit Bull balancing trick

Pit bull trick
3. Pit bulls are protective. They will do anything to protect their guardians.

Pit Bull protects pregnant woman
4. Pit bulls are clean. They only require little grooming because of their short coats. Unlike other breeds, they do not shed as much fur.

Pit Bull grooming
5. Pit bulls are good with children. Sometimes, they are called “nanny dogs.”

Pit bull nanny dog

Pit bull protecting a baby
6. They love water! You can bring them to swimming if you want to.

Swimming Pit Bull
7. They love cuddles too! You can easily tame them just by tapping them at the back or putting them to sleep.

Pit bull cuddles owner
8. Oh! They look super cute on costumes too.

Pit bull costume

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