Baby and Cat

A baby as a cat toy?

Most often we buy pets to entertain our kids but not for Angie Sapik’s family. Well, based on the video she posted, it’s the other way around. Her baby seems to be a fantastic way of entertaining her pet cat.

As you can see, her cat Wheezy is having fun playing with their baby Calvin James. The baby has officially become a cat toy now.

Although, when the child isn’t serving as her cat’s plaything, they are definitely best buds. In her Instagram posts, both of them go on adventures together. They even go with the hashtag #BFF.

They share quiet moments together…

Baby and Cat

They enjoy playtime with each other…

Playtime with baby and cat

But nap time is their favorite…

Baby and Cat Sleeping

Baby Calvin also make a perfect pillow for Wheezy…

Baby and Cat Sleeping together

Aren’t they cute? If you’re a feline lover and ready for the responsibilities of a parent, then you might find how adorable it is to have a new cat toy – your baby.

Oh! If you’re wondering if baby Calvin got the chance to make Wheezy his toy too… Yes, he did!

Baby playing with cat

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