Milo sleeping with tongue out

A Narcoleptic Bulldog Gives Us the Most Adorable Nappy Pics

We all love sleeping but no dog could beat Milo’s desire for such. Milo is a 3-year old French bulldog with narcolepsy. It is a disorder that affects someone’s control of sleep. Milo experiences excessive daytime sleepiness which his human find so adorable. In fact, this sleepyhead dog has the cutest nap time pics. Whether he’s laying on a pillow or cozily wrapped in a blanket – he could capture our hearts and would make us want to take a nap too!

Milo’s owner sometimes calls him a narcoleptic nugget, mustached mush, squishy Seattleite (he’s based in Seattle) or a bedbound butterball.

Milo about to sleep

Milo looks like he’s about to sleep.

Milo covered in blanket

Do not disturb.

Milo deep sleep

This is what deep sleep looks like.

Milo Half Asleep

When your owner wakes you up but you’re still half asleep.

milo loves the bed

“I just love this bed!”

Milo not ready to get up

“No!!! I don’t wanna get up!”

Milo sleep drinking

Ever heard of sleep drinking?

Milo sleeping with tongue out

Milo’s probably dreaming of drinking Starbarks here.

Milo Sleeps

awwwww… we wonder what he’s dreaming about.

Milo Yawns

Yawning in between sleeps.

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