bulldog eating ice cream

Adorable dogs eating their favorite ice cream

Everybody loves ice cream! Personally, I think it’s one of the best things in the world. When it comes to summer snacking, ice cream also seems to be a favorite of our four-legged best friends. Check out some of their cutest snaps eating their frozen dessert.

puppy eating ice cream

“hmm. So this is how a vanilla ice cream tastes like.”


puppy eating ice cream

This pup seriously looks adorable licking her lips.


puppy eating ice cream

Now, it’s time for the cone! He’s enjoying it.


Puppy eating ice cream

Ice cream is also best when it’s shared.


puppy eating ice cream

But sometimes, sharing won’t work. So they have one for each of them.


puppy eating ice cream

It’s an ice cream cone my friend, not a party hat.


puppies eating ice cream

“I didn’t eat your ice cream. You have no evidence.”

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