only child no more

Adorable Photos of Dogs Joining in Pregnancy Announcements

For dog lovers, dogs aren’t just pets – they are family.  In fact, most of the time, they are considered by their humans to be their first-born.  So what happens when the owners have real human babies?  Well, of course, their furry babies aren’t left behind.  They can join in pregnancy announcement and make it more adorable and unique.

Here are a few samples:

addition to the pack

They’re welcoming a human into the pack!

big brother duty

Someone’s learning how to be a big brother.

dog holding an ultrasound

How cute is this dog holding a copy of the ultrasound?

Dogs not happy with baby

Apparently, not all fur babies are happy with the thought of having a human baby.

family expanding by two feet

Isn’t this such a cool idea?

guard dogs

Oh! When you have protective brothers.

more shoes to chew

Let’s talk about reality. Another human only means more shoes to chew.

only child no more

Only child no more!

practicing carrying a baby

Oops! that’s not how you carry a baby!

three dogs getting ready for baby arrival

Having a baby? nothing to worry! The team’s on it!

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