Arbor the Artistic Painting Pooch

Back in 2011,  animal lovers, Bryce and Jennifer Henderson began searching for their next furry family member at a local animal shelter in Las Vegas.  Their hearts led them to a 2 year old black pup, named Arbor.  After adopting Arbor, the Hendersons realized their newest family member loved performing tricks in an effort to please them.  Arbor breezed through the standard tricks, so Jennifer looked for more advance training opportunities and began teaching Arbor how to use a marker to create pictures.  Next, Jennifer taught Arbor how to use a paintbrush on canvass, and history was made.  It turns out that Arbor has a natural talent for creating beautiful art.  Arbor holds the brush in her mouth and has learned over time how to make perfect paint strokes for her masterpieces.

Arbor 4

Arbor loves to paint and creates a new “abstract” painting about once a month, taking about 10-15 minutes for a piece.   Bryce and Jennifer have capitalized on Arbor’s talent to increase awareness for adopting shelter animals and in compassion, help those in need.  Most of Arbor’s masterpieces are put up for sale to help animals all over the country, and all proceeds are donated to deserving causes.

With a little love and lots of patience, maybe your pooch could follow in Arbor’s footsteps and become an amazing artist.

Arbor 2

Arbor 3

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