Aye Aye to these Superdogs!!!

Every kid wants to wear a superhero costume. Well, our furry pals also would love to wear one. Check out some of the cutest pups wearing their superhero costumes.

Batdog vs Superdog

It’s Batdog vs Superdog!!! But, they look too cute to fight each other!


sleepy captain america dog

Sleepyhead! We’ve never seen ‘Cap’ to be as lazy as this one. Well, it doesn’t matter because he is cute.


Spider Dog!

Call the ‘Spiderdog’ and he’ll save you from the bad villain – only if you trust his fighting skills.


Bat Dog

Come on get a ride. This a one looks adorable with his tiny vehicle.



He is looking cuter with an extra superhero cuteness factor. ‘I’m a wolfdog. Yeah!’


Avengers Dog

When they are together, you can’t resist their power – and of course their extreme cuteness.



Another superman fan, this cute white furry pup seems really happy with his costume.

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