Baby Animals With Their Parents, Who is Cuter?

The baby versions of any animal are generally so adorable, whether it is a puppy, kitten, cub etc.   If you have ever wondered where the cuteness comes from, it no doubt is from their parents.  There would be no Simba without Mufasa, right?  The most obvious inherited traits from parental units are the visible ones like their distinctive features.

Animal families are bound to separate and later on the children typically find a new home.  They will have only their genetic blueprint to tie them to the parents and siblings they must leave behind.  Until then, it is heartwarming to see pictures of babies with their parents being nurtured.

Mother like Daughter?  Father like Son?  Which one is the cutest?


1.Spread your wings like these

Giraffes Mother and Baby

2. A kiss from above

Dog and her puppy

3. Black and white pop and pup

Dog Mom and her Puppies


Golden Retrievers

5.Follow me

Dogs on Bed

6. Ears

Dogs Mother and Puppy

7.Don’t scare em son, you look angsty

Dogs Mother and Puppy

8. Look at the camera

Yellow Labs Mother and Puppy

9. Lick and trick

Dogs Mother and Puppy

10. Even the posing

Dogs Mother and Puppy


Lion and Cub

12. You know the movie Lion King

Pandas Lean on Me

13.Lean on me

Pandas Mom and Cub

14. Too heavy

Dog and Puppies

15. Mini mes

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