Camouflage at its best!

Animals use camouflage for hiding from predators to survive or tricking prey when hunting.  It has taken years for these masters of disguise to hone their skills of this ancient art.

An unexpected benefit of camouflage is when animals use it as a weapon against us to display their cuteness.  You may ask yourselves why your household pets might need a skill such as this.  

This ability may come in handy after Fido or Fifi has has destroyed your favorite pair of shoes or precious family heirloom.  Whatever the reason, we have found some adorable camouflage masters.  

Look below to see how these cute little creatures sneakily go undercover, and use camouflage not to conceal themselves, but rather display how awesome nature is and how cute they are.   Keep your eyes open because you might not see them right away.  Can you find the camouflage master in each picture below?

Q00Q3 Q03 Q2 Q02 Q002 Q1 Q01 Q001 Q0 Q000Q0000 Q13 Q12 Q11 Q9 Q8 Q7 Q07Q06 Q5 Q05 Q4

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