Cats and Bunnies, Friends Forever

A cat and a rabbit can be the best of friends. It may sound like an absurd combination, but it is a common pairing, even though cats are notorious for being solitary creatures.  They have quite the reputation for withholding their affection at will, but the cat that refuses to cuddle with you, appears to take delight in cuddling up with fluffy bunnies.   Cats are very friendly with bunnies, and rabbits just take pleasure in being among a group of other furry animals. Watching the cuteness of a bunny and a cat cuddle each other is amazing. What a wonderful scene seeing cats and bunnies getting along with each other.  Cats will always have a big soft spot for bunnies, and their charm makes them the cutest partner.  Sit back and be prepared to be overloaded with cuteness.  Check out these adorable couples!

Bunnies and Cats

bunny and cat

cat and bunnies

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