best buddies

Cats Can be Babies’ Best friend Too!

We’ve seen a lot of photos where babies get along really well with their furry pet dogs. Some pooches are even the ones taking care of their human babies. Other times, they grow up to be each other’s best friends. Believe it or not? Cats are pretty intelligent and very sweet, too. Mischievous cats can act sweet and kind too they like to be with humans and play even when they grow, that’s why you can go here to find the best cat tree for large cat, so they can play along! That’s right!

Scroll below for some joy-inducing images of felines with their tiny human buddies. If you love your kitten as much as these families do, use the next link to check CBD for cats here.

Toddler cuddling with a cat.

Look who just got her first kiss??? Sweeet!

baby knocked out

Baby’s knocked out! And we know why!

baby loves the cat

Obviously, this baby’s so fond of having this little feline around.

baby mama

These kittens think this little girl is their mama.

baby photobombing

Can you tell who’s the photo bomber in this photo?

baby sleeping with cat

Such a sweet sleeping moment…

Baby girl holding cat and kissing

Someone can’t get enough of this kitty’s cuteness!

Baby girl and pet cat, face to face

“Who are you??? Are you my sister?”

baby touching cat's face

Baby’s teaching this cat, “this is you eyes!”

Cute baby girl touching a cat.

“Oh! Why are our feet different?”

Young boy petting his male tabby cat outside his house.

This baby’s comforting his little offended cat.

best buddies

“Just chilling with my feline buddy!”

A toddler and his cat

“I’ll be here for you, no matter what.”


Cuddle time for these two!

Toddler resting face gently on his pet cat.

These two cuties are curious with shadows.

They do everything together

Now, this is #BFFGOALS.

Asian toddler boy smiling to a cat walking closer. Friendship of toddler at home and a domestic cat.

“Hello, Kitty? Can we be friends?”

Playing with a kitten

This toddler just found his first friend.

One yearr old baby girl sitting on grass touching kitten

Nature play’s definitely more fun with a buddy.

Asian Toddler waving, looking at a stray cat through window. Horizontal view.

Not so long distance relationship between these two.

Asian toddler boy 2 to 3 years old making bubbles in the garden with pet cat.

These two are enjoying bubbles!

One asian toddler and a white coat cat looking at a small piece of mooncake left on table.

“One mooncake for me, one for you.”

sitting with cat

Such a happy baby sitting with a cat.

baby girl and white pet cat having fun

I guess these two are sharing secrets as early as now.

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