cat's twitching eye with paw on the button

Cats Doing Evil Things Will Make You Feel Good

We’ve been used to laughing at how our pets do the craziest things like ripping up papers, scattering food all over, or tearing our couches. Most often, we understand that it’s their nature to sometimes be mischievous and destructive. They do those things but you know they still love you. Well, this is true for dogs. Cats, on the other hand, are different. They do evil things like they mean them. ¬†You look at them and their eyes are like telling you “I know this will piss you off but I’m going to do it anyway.”

So, if you have a cat who’s mean to you for no particular reason, chill. Just take a look at what these cats have done to their owners as well.

cat attempts to kill a fish

What a cruel way to kill a fish!

cat attempts to pull the wire

Owner: Don’t pull that cord.
Cat: Which cord? This?

cat carefully drops the phone

“Did you mean be careful with your phone?” *Cat carefully drops the phone*

cat covers the warmer

Owner started wondering why it’s been so cold in his room and found his cat blocking the vent.

cat destroys christmas tree

Look at how he carefully plans to destroy the tree and replaced himself on the table.

cat doesn't want to walk

It’s clear. She doesn’t wanna go for a walk.

cat drops the plant

Guess what this cat’s motto is? “I DON”T CARE!”

cat eats chips

“Nope! You’re not getting any of your chips!”

cat flushes the toilet

It’s fine to flush the toilet but doing that while you’re doing your thing is just rude!

cat puts a pin on owner shoe

Here’s how you secretly kill your owner!

cat raids your pantry

Owner woke up to this! His cat raiding the pantry!

cat steals underwears

It’s not just a thing for undies… he purposely did it!

cat tells owner to clean it

That look says, “What are you waiting for? Clean it!”

cat turns on touch lamps to wake up owner

This cat intentionally puts on the touch lamp to wake up his owner in the middle of the night.

cat unplugs the fan

“If you’re not standing there, I’m gonna unplug this fan.”

cats on your keyboard

“So, are you giving us what we want or are we going to break this keyboard?”

cat's twitching eye with paw on the button

Just a cat trying to blackmail his owner by threatening to switch off the computer.

clever cat creates a bed out of tissue

This clever cat creates a bed out of tissue.

connecting with other cats

Wondering what she’s doing? Obviously, she connecting with other cats to plan a worldwide invasion.

im the baby here

“I’m the baby here!”

murder plan

How To Kill Your Owner 101

tom and jerry in real life

Is this Tom and Jerry in real life?


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