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Celebrating That the Snow Leopard is No Longer Endangered

Since 1972, the exotic snow leopard has been listed as endangered.  After efforts of conserving these beautiful mountain  cats, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has now upgraded their population status to “vulnerable.”  At least, we’re seeing some spark of hope.

Although their 3-year assessment still shows population decline rates, it is somehow slower than expected.  Peter Zahler, director of snow leopard program at the Wildlife Conservation Society said “The decision was based on a new assessment that determined that snow leopard populations are still declining, but not as fast as we previously thought.”

They are comparatively in a better place,” Zahler added.

This beautiful specie is native to Central Asia and is even considered as an important symbol of the native culture in Kyrgyztan, Kazakhstan, and some parts in Russia. They have become endangered as they are heavily hunted for their thick skin, bones, and organs.

Scroll for some photos of this stunning, majestic feline to celebrate this small victory!

can someone do some belly rub

“Can someone do some belly rub on me?”

snow leopard avalanche

Oooppps! Here’s some snow leopard avalanche!

playing with snow

How cute is this leopard playing with snow!

playful leopard

Just some cute leopard trying to get your attention.

peek a boo leopard

“Peek A Boo!”

parents staring at you

You know you’re in trouble when you enter the house and your parents look at you like this.

mother leopard

This mother is trying to keep calm despite the chaos.

mom look at me

“Am I doing this right?

lovely couple

Such a sweet lovely leopard couple.

leopard you lick me I lick you

“You lick me, I lick you”

leopard upside down

Sometimes, I think this is why they became endangered. They’re always in for some dangerous stunt.

leopard says hi

This leopard says hi.

leopard picture perfect

Is this even real? It looks so perfect!

leopard looks like a tiger

This adorable leopard looks like a tiger.

leopard How i sleep during the weekends knowing that is no alarm clock to wake me up to go to work.

How I sleep during the weekends knowing that there is no alarm clock to wake me up to go to work.

leopard great tail

Look at the symmetry going on in his tail.

leopard eating his tail

“I’ve finally caught the creature who’s been following me all day!”

leopard doing some mime

This could pass as a leopard doing some mime.

cute paw

This snow leopard is showing off her cute paw.

cute leopard

“Mom, come here!!!”

cute fluffy leopard

Awww. Look at this sweet adorable face!

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