Rambo sponsored ad for itching lotion

Check out Rambo, The Rising Pup Star

We’ve seen a number of IG pet stars, and we’re excited to meet another pup on the rise. Rambo, a 6-year old Maltese-Yorkie has more than 330k followers across his social media accounts. This pawsome dog lives in Greensboro but has followers from all over the globe, including France, Australia, and Brazil. His irresistible cuteness made him secure a contract with The Dog Agency (TDA) two years ago. TDA is a New York-based talent management agency that represents pets.

Rambo the Puppy, also fondly called by his human as “Rams, Rambinator, and Rambekins” has now worked with over 50 brands including Wayfair, Clorox, and Stainmaster. His human, Courtney, says they only endorse products they believe in. They also don’t endorse companies that are tied to negative scandals or promotes philosophies not aligned with theirs.

Courtney started Rambo’s social media account in 2012 as a quick way to share his adorable puppy photos. His cute outfits and fun shenanigans earned him more followers each day. “They’re so invested in his story, it’s kind of crazy to me, but also hilarious and awesome and very cool.”

Just a year after starting his account, there were already opportunities to earn some bucks for Rambo and Courtney. Well, who wouldn’t invest in this cutie?

rambo 4th of july

Here’s Rambo celebrating 4th of July!

rambo bday party

“This was on my human’s 30th birthday party! Happy Birthday, Courtney! “

Rambo beach

Well, who wouldn’t feel excited for some beach time?

rambo beertime

“Just one glass of beer, I promise!

rambo breakfast in bed

Now, this is how you have some breakfast in bed!

Rambo camper

Look at this cute little camper with his grilled mallows!”

Rambo easter

Such a cute Easter bunny!

Rambo hero

This is just one of Rambo’s endorsements.

Rambo mother's day

“Red flowers for my huMOM on Mother’s day!”

Rambo Netflix time

“What’s your mood for today? Netflix mood!”

Rambo on cheeseboard

“Can I take these cheese on the board?”

Rambo on the harbor side

“It’s bright and sunny on this side, time to wear my signature red sunglasses!”

Rambo photographer

Anyone who needs a cute photographer?

rambo pool party

Anyone in for a pool party? “I AM!”

Rambo skater

It’s Rambo, on the go!

Rambo sponsored ad for itching lotion

“Did I fetch the ball right?”

Rambo take your dog to work day

Look! Rambo participated in #TakeYourDogToWorkDay!

Rambo vacation mode

“Take me back on vacation again!”

Rambo wine lover

“Uhmmm.. did you just say wine?”

Rambo with woofles

“These WOOFles all mineeee!”

Rambo wizard

“Where’s my Hogwarts letter?”

Check out his Instagram account for more adorable photos.

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