How cute is this picture with four paws

Check out these amazing animal shots from underneath!

Amazing is an understatement. These underneath shots of various animals from photographer Andrius Barba are breathtaking. On his site, he wrote: “As I’ve tried it I fell in love with the results and I wanted to show them in the best possible way. I am flattered that I can finally share my work with you.”

You will find a number of projects taken from different angles. See some of his great shots below.


This is the latest project from Barba which is described by most people who have seen it as profoundly inspiring. The photoshoot took place at a photo studio in Vilnius.

Dog Looks Like Peeping From Above

This dog looks like he’s peeping from above.

Funny Looking Dog with tongue tied

He must have been really tired.

How cute is this picture with four paws

How cute is this picture highlighting the dog’s paws???

Isnt he adorable

Isn’t he adorable?

This looks like an action scene

This certainly looks like an action scene.


Under-cats was the first project he did. It was taken at an International Cat show in Vilnius.

Chubby Cat

Chubby Cute Cat!

Cute almond eyes

Those cute almond eyes!

Cute paws for a fluffy cat

Cute paws for a fluffy cat.

Is she mad

Is she mad?

Cute even without a face

Cute even without a face.


The fluffiest project of all is the Under-rabbit. The photographer thought rabbits are too adorable in this project that he even got a rabbit to himself.

Rabbit Ears

Rabbit ears are showing!

Rabbit in frog position

Rabbit in frog position.

White Rabbit

Fluffy white rabbit.

Without the paws this could pass as a comfy couch

Without the paws this could pass as a comfy couch.

this one too

this one too!



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