Charlie helping dispose diapers

Check Out This Dog Who Helps Change Baby’s Diaper

Charlie, the Irish beagle rose to fame in 2015 after a number of videos of him helping his owner’s baby circulated on social media.  Julia Kolpakova and her partner Daniel Drzewiecki got Charlie in 2012 before they had a baby.  When their daughter, Laura Olivia came, they noticed a special bond between the two. Charlie was very caring to the baby.  He helped her cradle back and forth, brings her toys, and even assisted in changing Laura’s diapers.

Just recently, their video of Charlie helping dispose Laura’s dirty diapers trended on Facebook.  It reached 5.5M views.

Laura Olivia was also fond of Charlie.

“She smiles when she sees Charlie, we don’t know what she’s thinking but we know she likes him.  From the beginning he was beside her all the time.  Everyone could still play with her but he would protect her,” Julia says.

Laura Olivia literally grew up with Charlie. She shared the best and most fun moments with this well-trained dog.  In one video compiled by their parents, they showed how dogs can be more than just pets but family.

Check out this video that will make you say awwww.

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