no paws on the couch

Clever Dogs Bend The Rules at the Cutest Way Possible

Each dog is unique as how each owner sets rules for them. Yet, there is one thing they have in common, they are clever. When we say clever, we mean they find ways to bend the rules. “Don’t sit on the couch!” and “No begging for food!”  are just two of the rules they uniquely and cleverly find ways to bend. Keep scrolling to see how impossible it would be to get mad at these adorable pets.

you said couch not arm of the couch

“When you said not on the couch, the arm doesn’t count right?”

trying his luck for popcorn

There’s a popcorn on the table. He’s trying his luck to sneak some.

the closest he can get to the kitchen

This is the closest he can get to the kitchen.

tail on the couch

“See? No paws touching on the couch. Just my tail !”

stay on your blanket

Trying to stay on his blanket because that’s the spot he should be sleeping at.

resisting the pizza

Here’s a dog trying to resist pizza.

rebel eyes trying to go to the kitchen

His rebel eyes are trying to go to the kitchen.

not on the couch but on human

He’s not directly on the couch. Glad that there’s a human sleeping he can sleep on.

not on the couch but in the couch

Clever! He’s not ON the couch but IN the couch.

not begging just peeking

“My human said I cannot look at her while eating. Well, I will just look up then.”

not begging for treats

“We’re not begging for treats but we will stay here until you notice us.”

not begging for food

Here’s a dog pretending that he’s not even looking at the food. Such acting!

not allowed on the room

“I am not allowed inside the room but can I peek?”

no paws on the furniture

These dogs perfectly know how to hide their paws.

no paws on the couch

They didn’t say no sleeping with my half body, right?””

no dirty paws on the table

“No dirty paws on the table!” Hmmm fair enough?

no couch no problem

“No couch, no problem! I can make this pillow my couch!”

no chin on the table

“No chin on the table.” How about grin on the table?

my food, your food

Momma said “eat your own food.” Now, here I am watching my brother finish his food because I finish mine first.

follow the leader

Daddy says no dogs allowed in the garage. Hmmm. dogs say “We’ll just stay right behind you.”

dog is melting no paws on the couch

It looks like the dog is melting!

dog couch sit

How cute is this huge dog sitting at the edge of the couch.

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