Elizabeth Cuddles With Mom

Cows Can Be Pets Too

When people take about pets, they usually think about cat and dogs, but what about cows?  They may be a little large, expensive to feed and slightly intimidating to others, but they can be sweet to their humans too.  These three baby bulls are proof to that.

Elizabeth the Bull

Elizabeth's friend
Elizabeth was abandoned as a baby but is now living a good life with his humans Tony and Toni in Australia.  Yes, he’s a boy.  And Yes, his name is Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Cuddles With Mom

He cuddles with his mom.

Elizabeth Kisses Dad

He gives moomoo kisses to his dad.

Elizabeth The Best Bull

He even walked down the aisle as the BEST BULL.

Buckley The Highland Cow

Buckley The Highland Cow
Buckley has lived in a ranch since he was five weeks old. He’s with his mom and his goat bestfriend.

Buckley and his mom

He takes selfies with his mom.

Buckley and his bestfriend

He also spends alone time with his goat bestfriend.

Buckley's feminine side

With hair as fluffy as that, he almost looks like a puppy.

Moochi the Mini Cow

Moochi the mini cow
Moochi lives in California with his mom.

Moochi and mommy

He loves strolling with his mom, even going to school on a school bus.

Moochi out for a walk

He regularly goes out for a walk.

Moochi's first birthday

He celebrates birthdays too!

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