dog stay away from tree

Crazy Smart Ideas To Protect Your Christmas Trees From Your Pets

Christmas is just right around the corner and we all want to feel this holiday season by putting up a Christmas tree.  While it sounds so easy for most of us, pet owners would know the possible problems with a tree in their homes.  Apparently for pets, a Christmas tree, balls, and other decors are just toys for them to play with.  They may be mesmerized by the bright lights and wonderful ornaments, but seconds into it, you will see them munching on it.

We don’t want that to happen so we’re sharing these genius hacks from pet owners who created pet-proof Christmas trees!  Scroll down to see their pets’ hilarious reactions too!

waiting to destroy those

Here’s a dog, just waiting to destroy those presents and ornaments.

wall tree

No toys this time! Only a pretty background.

tree on wall

This kitty haven’t even notice the tree on the wall.

tree on a vacuum

If your cat’s a genius, she’d understand that it’s the end of the world for her when he comes near the tree.

tree in a cage

This cat feels hopeless.

tree caged from dog

Look at this dog’s sad face!

tarpoline tree

Can’t set-up a real one? Print it!

tall christmas tree for cat

Well, at least this one’s got some branches.

short christmas tree

Half-way done? Nope! This is perfectly complete!

outdoor tree

No way of placing your tree indoor? Then, it’s time to have an outdoor Christmas tree.

hanging christmas tree

Not happy about two Christmas trees on top of her.

hanging balls

Wondering how she’s gonna get them one by one.

dog thinks he's the tree

No need to put up a tree when your dog thinks he’s the tree!

dog stay away from tree

There was a time when dogs were being caged but this time, it’s the tree that is being locked out.

christmas tree up

This obviously turned the cat’s word upside down.!

ceiling tree

Dog and toddler?  No problem!  Here’s a ceiling Christmas tree!

cat sneaking

Clever idea to guard the upper part with train railway but the cat is more clever and sneaky!

cat proof and environmentally conscious tree

The most environmentally-conscious tree! Or does it even look like one?

cat looks at the tree

“Why is it so high? Hmmmm!”

cat in christmas outfit

The owner gave this cat a punishment. Whenever he plays with the tree’s decors, he’d have to put on a Christmas outfit for 15 minutes.

cat eyeing on the tree

Ooops! This feline friend just found an easy way to get to the tree. STAIRS!

bottle tree

The cat is still traumatized.

blocked tree

Honestly, the dog thinks this a dumb idea. “I could easily jump into it. Just wait and see.”

5 little kittens on the tree

The owner decided not to put any ornaments. Unless you count those 5 little black kittens!

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