Inu Cafe

Cute Dog Cafes All Over the World

Not all dog lovers have dogs. Sometimes due to busy schedule or tight budget, you can’t afford owning one but that doesn’t mean you can no longer get your own dose of puppy smooches. The newest trend today is setting up Dog Cafés. These hubs will let you take one of their dogs and pet them for a day.

If you’re living in Thailand and you like Shiba Inus, then Inu Café is perfect for you.

Inu Cafe

The first ever dog café in Los Angeles is a home not just for drink grabbers who love dogs but to all puppies of any age, breed, and size who’s ready to be adopted.

LA Dog Cafe
South Korea must be one of the leading countries in having dog cafes. Bau House, which is one of them, houses a lot of different dogs who’ll beg for your treats the moment you purchase them from the counter. But how can you say no?

Bau House
New Delhi’s Puppychino is a café who houses cute puppies of its own. But you can also bring your own pet for some play date or some doggy treat.

Though they only have two huskies and a Pomeranian, the Cubs and Pups in Kuala Lumpur is still a place to see. The dogs are ready to play and entertain you in this Malaysian Café.

Cubs and Pups
Poodles and Beagles – two of the cutest pups you’d want to have as a pet. You can see several of them when you fly to Dog Heart, Tokyo.

Dog Heart

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