dog emoji

Cute Looking Pets as Emoji

We’re so used to seeing cute cats and dogs. They have these adorable faces that make you say “Awwwww” but did you notice those emoji on your phones? Ever wonder how they look like if real pets actually make these emoticons? Well, stop wondering! Because we’ve compiled a few emojis that our favorite furry pets can easily copy!

happy dog emoji

I’d like to have this dog as my happy emoticon! Really!


evil emoji

When you have some evil plans going on in your head! A cat’s evil grin is just right!


content cat

The face you make when you just got home after a long day and took off your shoes! Wew!


kiss dog

Don’t you wanna give this dog a smooch???


shocked cat

This cat gives out the best shocking expression! Woaaah!


shades dog

The new swag !


tongue out

Just Kidding!!!



Look how cute this puppy is…trying to wink at us!!!


clever cat

The clever look!


dog emoji

Well, here’s the real dog that inspired the brown-eyed puppy emoji! nyahaha


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