Cute Photos of Innocent Looking cats

Last time, we shared photos of dogs that were destructive. This time, it’s our naughty fur cats who got into things they weren’t supposed to.

Take a look at these photos of cats trying to give their best “I’m Not Guilty” expression.

Cat tissue mess

What? Oh! You’re looking for the tissue?

Cat floor mat mess

So you’re telling me this is a floor mat and not a toy???

Cat eating ramen

I love Ramen! Don’t you?

CAts play in tissue

We’re just playing cuddle.

cat innocently destroyed scrub handle

Oh! Hi There!

cats ruined dvds

Excuse me human, you’re DVDs are scattered all over.

cat hang in window blinds

Oh! I’m just hanging around.

cat rolled in water hose

I’m fine! Really! I can handle this!

cat plant mess

Ooops! Someone ran over your plant.

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