Waiting Puppy

Cute Puppy Eyes That Will Melt Your Heart

Whether it’s a pair of puppy eyes asking for apology or comforting you, gazing at those eyes always make humans’ day brighter.  So we’ve compiled a number of puppy eyes that will melt your heart and brighten your day.

Brown puppy eyes

Awww.. it’s okay puppy. Apology Accepted. I’m sure you didn’t mean to chew those shoes.

Worried Puppy Eyes

Something has spiked his interest.

Cute Puppy Eyes

There is no doubt you’d give anything this puppy would ask of you. With his head tilted on one side and those cute puppy eyes, he’ll definitely take your heart over.

Puppy Eyes in the cage

Let this puppy out of the cage! Can you not see his cute little eyes???

Puppy Eyes to make you feel better

Well, you just found a perfect companion to curl up in bed and watch your favorite series while she lies in your lap.


Your puppy after a break up

When your heart just got broken or you’re having a bad day, this puppy will make you feel better.


Cute Chubby Puppy

There’s just no words to describe how adorable this chubby puppy is and how cute his big eyes are.


Waiting Puppy

Stop whatever you’re doing and play with this puppy. Can’t you see he’s been waiting for you to notice him?


Cute Puppy Dont Leave Him

Are you sure you’re leaving this puppy home???


cute sad puppy

“My crush didn’t notice me today.” Awwww… maybe a little ice cream would do? 😛

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