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Dog Couldn’t Stop Smiling After Surgery

An adorable dog’s blissful smile is melting everyone’s hearts. Oscar, a Golden Retriever in Australia just undergone a surgery and on his way home, he just can’t stop smiling. Who wouldn’t be happy after a successful surgery right? But that’s not just the reason Oscar is happy.

Sarah Smack Twitter PostAccording to Sarah Mack who owns the 11-year old pooch, Oscar was dosed up in drugs and couldn’t stop his grin all the way home during their car ride back.

“He always had a tendency to smile, so that plus the sedatives ends up with this photo,” she explains.

In her succeeding tweets, she revealed why her fluffy friend needed a surgery.

Sarah Smack Twitter Post about surgeryYup! Oscar had seven fatty tumors removed from his body but no worries! He has already recovered by now.

He rested well with the help of his feline friend, Chomper, who’s always on the look-out for him.

Oscar and Chomper

Chomper looking after Oscar

As Sarah’s post went viral, many dog owners also shared their own pooches’ story following surgery.

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