Dog photobombs street view

Dog Photobombs Street View Map

Have you ever checked virtual maps to explore places?  If you’re planning to visit Korea then you’re in for a treat.  Street view photos taken in Ulleung-gun, Gyeongbuk, South Korea won’t just give details of the place but also the company of a friendly golden dog.

Cute dog helps photographer take photosApparently, a four-legged furry friend followed a street view photographer wherever he went and the outcome is just too adorable.

Dog accompanies street view photographer

Dog follows the street view photographer

This must be one of the most epic set of photos you’ll see on Google Earth

Dog photobombs street view

Little Dog Helper

Photobomber dog looks adorable

Everybody’s wishing the real dog would be there when they visit Korea.

Photobomber Dog Street View

street view in Korea with dog

South Korean Street View With Dog

Now, people are asking for the coordinates of this place.

Korea street view

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