sad puppy

Dogs Having a Bad Day But Look Adorably Cute

When you’re having a bad day, you seriously look stressed out. But when dogs are having a worse day, they still look adorably cute.

Cute puppy passed out at the office

Are you the only one doing overtime work at the office? Hmm. This pup passed out after finishing all the deliverable reports.


Dog tries to look a sheep

When you’re trying to fit in a group. This one wants to belong in a flock of sheep.


Dog needs coffee

By the looks of it, this dog is not in the mood for his day. He had a rougher night than yours. He needs coffee! Who doesn’t right?


Kid biting a dog

“Hey that’s enough.” Look at this poor dog. His only defence is a wide eyed stared hoping somebody will save him from his human pal. Surely this is not a good start of his day.


Dog is sad about his cupcake

“Who ate my cupcake”? We all experienced this and we know how it feels especially when only the wrapper remains.


Dog scared of kittens

Who would not have a bad day when you face your greatest fear? “Not today little ones.”


puppy tries to smile

This cute pup seems annoyed at his smiley human friend. Say Cheese!

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