Bone Bone meditating

Everyone wants to take a picture with this Fluffy Cat!

It’s so fluffy, we’re gonna die! That’s just how everyone feels on the cuteness of this fluffy cat from Thailand. Bone Bone is practically a pet celebrity in Thailand. He has more than 70k followers on her Instagram account, bonebone29.

Bone Bone is an adventurous cat. She likes…

playing at the park..

Bone Bone Playing in the Park

climbing the tree…

Bone Bone Climbing the tree

and hanging out at the beach.

Bone Bone Hanging Out in the Beach

He does all these while wearing his tiny yellow spiky backpack!

Bone Bone and his yellow spiky backpack

He doesn’t like being pet but he’s aware of his fame so he’s used to strolling around and getting paparazzi shots from everyone! Sometimes, this adorable fluff ball star allows people to take snaps of him and with him!

Bone Bone people taking snaps of him

Bone Bone surrounded by fans

Bone Bone with his fans

Behind the lights, Bone Bone is just another cat who just wants to sleep…

Bone Bone sleeping


Bone Bone sleeping with pooh

and sleep again!

Bone Bone sleeping again

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