Fennec Fox

fennec-fox (1)

This is a Fennec Fox

fennec-fox (2)

They are a small nocturnal fox,

fennec-fox (3)

found in the Sahara desert, in North Africa

fennec-fox (4)

You might have noticed, he has really big ears

fennec-fox (5)

That helps to dissipate heat 

fennec-fox (6)

by increasing the surface area to body mass ratio

fennec-fox (7)

This means more blood is close to the surface

fennec-fox (8)

which makes internal cooling a lot easier.

fennec-fox (9)

It’s not a unique strategy in nature

fennec-fox (10)

There are other animals that use big ears to dissipate heat

fennec-fox (11)

Some are much bigger

fennec-fox (12)

like the elephant

fennec-fox (13)

but they all have something in common

fennec-fox (14)

They tend to live in hot climates… and are extremely cute!

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