Loubie Hugging People

Free Hugs from this Cute Golden Retriever

Loubie Hugging PeopleIt’s never an ordinary walk for Cesar Fernandez-Chavez and his fluffy friend, Loubitana or Loubie for short. Whenever they stroll on the sidewalks of Manhattan, Loubie stops to greet people with a hug by wrapping her forelegs on their knees.

“It’s just not a regular walk. It’s a walk with hugging so we don’t get to go too far,” Cesar shares.

Loubie Holding HandsCesar also revealed that he never taught Loubie to do this. However, he recalls that before Loubie starting giving free hugs to people, she wanted to hold hands. This started on Valentines Day 2014. Shortly after Cesar broke up with his long-term partner, holding each other hands became a tradition.

“She started sitting up and grabbing my hands with both of her paws, and then crossing the other paw over her paw. I remember joking with my friends, ‘At least I have someone to hold hands with during Valentine’s.’”

Loubie WalkingFrom then on, holding hands became Loubie’s favorite whenever she walks with her human in the streets of New York.

Loubie huggingPeople who pass by always comment, “Oh my god, she’s so cute.”

Loubie hugs a manThen, suddenly, according to Cesar this habit changed when instead of holding hands, Loubie would sit very close to his legs and wrap hers around Cesar’s knees. A couple of hugging moments after, Loubie started hugging other people too!

Loubie loves huggingAwww too cute!!!

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