mischievous pupper

Funny Photos of Dogs Playing With Mud

We all know that dogs are mud’s bestfriend!  Yes, aside from man, dogs love playing in the mud!  Sometimes they dive into mud right after you gave them a bath.  Other times, they get into a mess while you’re cleaning your house or maybe preparing for a party.  In those moments, they can be quite frustrating but after seeing them in their “mud state,” you’ll still love their adorable dirty faces.  Scroll down to see some of the dirtiest but cutest dogs we’ve gathered.

adorable dog playing with snow

So, this dog thought he was playing with snow. When he went home, he found out he was wrong.

are you telling me i cant play in mUd aNYMORE

This husky is giving his owner the “Are you telling me I can’t play in mud anymore?”

best mud day ever

It’s the Best Mud Day Ever for this cute doggie.

dog loves mud

Can you tell how much this dog loves mud?

dog regrets

“Oh, it’s mud!” REGRETS.

dog sculpture

For one second, we thought this was a dog sculpture.

dog thought she was jumping into water

This dog thought she was jumping into water. You could tell she is disappointed.

dog with stick legs

This furry pup looks like a dog with stick legs.

girls just wanna have fun

Ohhhh girls just wanna have fun!!!

good luck to the owners

Yikes! Good luck to the owner of these hairy pets.

hi wanna come outside and play

“Hi, wanna come outside and play?”

i told you i will do it

“I told you, I’ll go and play in the mud.”

i was just digging up the hole

“I was just digging up the hole.

im busted

“Uh oh! I’m busted.”

look ma i brought in some mud

“Look Mom, I brought in some mud.”

mischievous pupper

The look of this mischievous pupper will make you happy.

mud bath

This doggo is having the time of his life in a mud bath.

mud boots

Who needs boots when you’re already covered with mud?

my mom's gonna kill me

“My mom’s gonna kill me!”

oops sorry mom

“Ooops. Sorry mom!”

please lete me get into some mud

“Mom, Do I really need to take a bath again?”

tastes like chocolate

“Are you sure this is mud? It tastes like chocolate!”

there's a mud race and im coming first

If there’s a mud race, this little pupper will sure come in first.

third time take a bath

The look this dog gave after his owner told him to take a bath for the third time.

two pups played in mud

Played in mud. Guilty as charged.

uhm it's not what you think

“Uhmm ..It’s not what you think. Let me explain.”

we're ready to come home

“We’re ready to come home!!!”

when you're messed up but still trying to keep yourself

When your life is a mess but your’e still trying to keep yourself together.

why cant i come inside

“I don’t understand. Why can’t I come inside?”

moving sculpture

Is that a sculpture? No! That’s a dog covered in mud!

Happiness is just lying around in the mud with your buddies old and new

Happiness is just lying around in the mud with your buddies old and new.

mudman mask

This dog looks like Batman. Do you agree?

row row row the mud

These dogs are just hanging out and keeping cool!


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