dog ate gingerbread house

Funny Photos of Pet Caught Red-Handed

No matter how cheeky some pets can be, owners still love taking photos of them doing naughty acts.  We’re not sure if it’s their innocent guilty faces or just their genuine expressions, but one thing is for sure – they still look ridiculously adorable.

Regardless of how bad dogs and cats behave, you can’t resist but laugh at how they bring trouble to their owner, the owner’s family, or even their fellow pets.  Check out these pets who have been caught red-handed by their owners.

photobomber dog

Talk about a real photobomber? And oh, attacker too!

dog war with cat

Hmmm. We are quite confused if these two are in love or in war? What do you think?

dog swimming

How can you not take a picture of this dog whos enjoying her bath?

dog pinning a fellow dog

Dogs and gents, this is how bullying is in the Dog World!

dog peed on hamster

Alright then, you are forgiven.

dog mess

“I just played with the tissue rolls.”

dog eating food in the counter

“I will just smell this one. I promise!”

dog eating trash

He is done with his food bowl. Now, it is time to raid the trash!

dog destroys window

He did not mean to destroy the blinds. Yikes!

dog defying rule

Apparently, he haven’t read that one!

cat overthrown owner

Ooooppps. Taking over her owner’s chair. Who’s the boss here?

cat getting cinnamon rolls

CAUGHT IN THE ACT! Hard-headed feline!

cat drinks water from the fridge

What a witty cat! Now, you have a self-serving pet.

cat destroyed paper towels

As if the owner wouldn’t know! Yet, the cat seems to be innocent.

bin raider

Can you guess where did this dog go? Well! He went on a trip to a trash bin. Obviously!

dog ate gingerbread house

Awwwww… Okay! Please eat some more.

cute tandem

These two cute tandem know how to do puppy eyes.

cute guilty face

Innocent guilty face. Will you forgive him?

cats pushing each other on the trashcan

Taking turns in pushing each other. We wonder who won in this game?

cat scratching face

Ouuuccch! Now, that’s a mischievous cat attacking her grandma!

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