goma cute playing

Goma Is The Cutest Puppy You’ll See Today

Among hundreds of Instagram pets, Goma stands out because of her standing ears which look like they belong to Mickey Mouse. In fact, she went viral in the US as the “Mickey Mouse dog.” Goma, whose name means “sesame” in Japanese, is a crossbreed of Maltese and Papillon.

Goma lives a good life in Japan. She’s four years old and she has stolen the hearts of her 76k followers. Let her steal yours with these super adorable photos.

bright sunny day gomma

Here’s Goma with her bright sunflower bibdana!

cutest goma

Her look says it all!

goma cute playing

Awwww… cutie baby!

goma biting toy

“What’s up?”

goma biking

It’s biking day!

goma cute playing

Can she get any floral than this?

goma cute playing

Those ears are a syand

goma golfing

We said she’s living a good life, right? Today, it’s golf day!

goma in full dress

Feeling extra in a full floral dress!

goma licking

Looks even more cute when she’s doing that!

goma adorable

She’s one adorable pooch, isn’t she?

fluffy goma

Such a fluffy ball of happiness!

goma looks like a teddy

She could pass as a little teddy.

goma marshmallow

Or a marshmallow?

goma on a gloomy day

When you have her on a gloomy day, you have everything you need.

goma shake hands

It’s imPAWSibile not to be drawn to this cutie.

goma strolling

Ready for strolling!

goma sunshine

Here’s a big blooming bundle to brighten up your day!

goma walk in the park

Who’s up for a real treat?

goma's tail

Her tail is as adorable as her ears!

halloween goma

No need for costumes, eh?

hello Goma

Wishing everyone a great day!

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