please smile dog

How Can These Helpless Pets Look So Cute?

Have you ever been to a shelter pet house and see helpless pets that look so adorable you just want to take them home? Apparently, plenty of animals have just perfected donning their adorable eyes, then your heart just melts right away.

Can’t imagine what we’re saying? Take a look at these photos!

angry cutie puppy

Are you really angry, baby?

bear dog

“I though I was a bear. I can’t believe I am a dog!”

Bunny Bath

This bunny needs her bubble bath!

bunny praying

“Please adopt me, pretty pretty please?”

cute cub

What a cute panda cub!!!

cute piggy

Where’s my goodnight kiss, babe?

goat funny face

“Will you adopt me or not?

happy alpaca

This could pass as the alpaca’s official ID!

please smile dog

So, this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you smile!

Pocket-sized animal

Now, anyone would automatically put this into their pocket!

ready to go home dog

“I’m ready to go home! Let’s go!”

shopping buddy bunny

“I’m ready to do my groceries! Where’s the carrot section?”

shorty kitty

This is a real shorty kitty! Not a stuffed toy.

sleeping panda

“Should I sleep or should I sleep?”

sleepy cat

“Will someone ever adopt me?”

sleepy dog

“Please take me home!”

tired panda

“I’m just sooooo tired!”


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