How Could You Not Love Norbert, the therapy dog?

NorbertThere’s something about dogs that makes us smile and somehow takes our stress away. And Norbert is a pro at that! Yes, the 7-inch tall mixed breed is a registered therapy dog.

His work includes visiting the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital as part of the Amerman Family Foundation Dog Therapy Program. He also does philanthropic work at nursing homes, regular hospitals, and even in school events by making people smile and giving them high fives.

Norbert High FiveNorbert also gained popularity in social media and was even recognized as a Youtube star when a video of him being fed with cheese reached 1.5million views.

He also has a large number of followers in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter because of his adorable photos.

Norbert the therapy dog

Oh! Norbert is also an author! In fact, he was first known for his Norbert picture book series. His first book entitled “Norbert: What Can Little Me Do” won nine book awards in 2014. The book contains a record of all his adventures in his personal artist’s journal.

This little pup isn’t just a cute puppy, he lives with a purpose.

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