husky special skills

Huskies Can Really Be Weird and Funny

Huskies are a beautiful dog breed.  Their thick coat comes in a multitude of colors and markings.  Their wolf-like face makes them look strict but they’re very playful and energetic.  However, they’re also known to be really lazy at times.  It’s important to keep doing activities with them because if not, they turn into a real couch potato.  Don’t worry though, no matter how weird and bored they get, they still look absolutely adorable!

cat vs husky

The game is called CAT vs HUSKY!

funny hungry husky

Is he hungry? He looks really funny!

give me a kiss

“Come on, give me a kiss!”

happy husky

Isn’t he adorable? He looks so happy!

high five

Can somebody give this husky a high five?

huskies say hello

Just some husky neighbors trying to say Hi!

huskies summong satan

Really? Are these huskies trying to have a seance?

huskies want that pizza

All these huskies patiently waiting for one pizza!

husky asks why

His face when his human ate the last piece of chicken. WHY????

husky baby proof

Now, this is how you baby proof a husky. All paws hidden.

husky doing a ballet trick

What an act. This could pass as a ballet trick. Don’t you think?

husky duh look

Can you tell how excited this husky is for having a new brother? Obviously, not!

husky flexible neck

See what boredom does to a husky? He just discovered how flexible he is.

husky found a stick

He’s proud to say he found a stick.

husky happy family

Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear! It’s one happy husky family!

husky in a toilet bowl

Ooopsss… did she think it was a bath tub?

husky in mud

She could have looked like a polar bear without the mud.

husky looking out at the door

This is how he looks out at the gate when someone rings the bell.

husky needs to cool down

“I need to cool down.”

husky not excited for christmas

She’s clearly not excited for Christmas.

husky on a coconut tree

Hanging out on a coconut tree is this cutie husky!

husky rotated

This isn’t an illusion nor photoshopped.

husky scared of a small dog

“Carry me please! I’m scared of that little dog.”

husky special skills

Any special skills?

husky thinks he's a cat

This husky thinks he’s a cat.

husky's time to poop

“Uhm excuse me… my time to poop”

princess husky

We did say husky can be crazy, right?

super cute husky

Just a super duper cute husky!

that one friend that's weird

There’s always that one friend who acts weird.

thrilled for his first ride

He’s definitely thrilled for his first ride.

trying to be a cat

Can you spot the cat? Oh, we mean the husky!

what did I do

“Uhhhmm… did I do anything wrong?”

wooly husky

His wooly coat looks perfect!

you cant see me

“You can’t see me, can you?

clingy husky

A year later and he still wants to be carried. Such a clingy husky!

dog thinks he's rich

Hmmmm… What do you think is this dog thinking?

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