frog on a beetle

Lazy Hitchhiking Animals Caught on Cam

They say hitchhiking can be dangerous but it certainly looks cute if animals do it.  Check out these captured photos of lazy animals on a piggyback ride.

This smooth green frog doesn’t mind the spikes of katydid.  He needed a ride badly.

Frog on a Katydid
A dolphin show?  In this photo, you also see an octopus clinging to a dolphin as he breaches the surface of Port Macquarie, Australia.

Octopus on a dolphin
Everybody would be scared to do a piggyback on a crocodile, but not this snail that crawled up the crocodile’s nose while he was resting on the pool.

Snail on a crocodile

Snails are certified piggyback riders.  This time, two snails sit on a frog’s head.

Snails on a frog
This cute frog was kind enough to offer a ride to a terrapin in Padang, Indonesia.

Terrapin on a frog
What’s the easiest to get to the top of the tree? For this lazy monkey, it’s hitching a ride on the back of a macaw.

monkey on a macaw
Sunbathing?  This seagull gets to enjoy the sun as he rides on a pig while it swims in the crystal blue sea at the Bahamas.

Seagull on a pig

Never thought a dog and a horse can become best friends.

Dog on a horse
Such a clever Heron.  The hippo doesn’t even know he was used as a fishing platform.

Heron on a hippo
Yee-haw!  This frog is a certified rodeo driver in this photo as he enjoys a ride at the back of a woodboring beetle.

frog on a beetle

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