TonNam Going Out in the park

Let This Prairie Dog Tell You How To Dress Up In Every Occasion

Who said only dogs, cats, and pandas canget famous on Instagram?  A prairie dog from Thailand proves otherwise as she struts different OOTDs.

Who needs a blogger for inspiration when you can get style ideas from this rodent?  TonNam is a social media star in her own right.  She’s gone viral by wearing tiny, adorable human outfits like a baby doll.  Whether it is a regular fun day or a special date night, TonNam knows what to wear and how to wear it.

Just scroll down to see her daily cute outfits or check out her Instagram account to know more of her sartorial adventures.

Prairie Dog in 7Eleven Uniform

So this is how a 7-eleven uniform should be worn.  We didn’t know a skirt goes well with its usual polo.


TonNam Beach Dress

Frolicking on the beach?  A floral dress and a pair of shades make a perfect combo


TonNam Cold But Sunny

When it’s cold outside but you wanna look as bright as the sun.


TonNam Date Night

Going out on a Valentines date?  A red dress with heart prints would be lovely.


TonNam Day Out With Girlfriends

When you’re really sleepy to go out but you’re girlfriends are waiting for you.


TonNam Going Out in the park

Isn’t this a cute “Going to the Park” outfit?


TonNam Grocery Shopping

Taking grocery shopping seriously with an “Alice in Wonderland” – inspired outfit.


TonNam Office Uniform

How every office worker should dress up.


TonNam Polka Dots

Meeting the New Year with lots of luck in this Polka Dot dress.


TonNam Sundays Best

Here’s something you could wear when going to the church.

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