Making the Most of your Small Space

Over the years, cute small houses are popping up everywhere as more people choose to downscale their lives. With creative and innovative crafts, many homeowners have concluded that a tiny house leads to a simpler yet fuller life, bonding them with family members, relatives, friends and nature. Yes it is difficult to incorporate your designs and preferences at your cute house. But this could be fun and worth your attention. You may perhaps want to try some of the ideas below to make the most out of your small-space situation.

Keep the colors light


Darker shades in your home will not only describe you as a person having a life with dullness and lethargy, it will also make your space appear wider. If at all possible, avoid using dark hues.

Curtain Divider


You may want to incorporate some of your silk curtain as a divider that will add pretentious element to your design. You may consider visually dividing your dining room from your living room through a pleasant striking silk curtain.

A Wide Mirror


The easiest and most used trick to visually enlarge a space is adding a wide mirror. A wide mirror makes your small livingroom appear bigger and inserts dimension to the space.

Corner knick-knacks


You don’t want to miss the corners. Why not have a corner desk and make it a room feature? They are actually practical and stylish.

 Utilize the area under the stairways


Some overlooked part of the house, such as under the stairway, has tons of pack-it-in potential. Consider putting drawers or racks under the stairs. You can even make it as your workspace.

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