bestfriend hank

Meet Our New Best Friend, Hank the Mini Pig

Hank the Mini Pig is an Instagram star. With over 245k followers, this mini pig has captured the hearts of many under his account name My Best Friend Hank. 

Hank is a 10-month old miniature pot belly pig who’s growing fast.  He lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He’s cuddly and he’s always hungry.  He loves snuggling and meeting new friends and he also likes trying new foods.

His southern charm has captured the hearts of many who think he’s a pink version of their puppy.  Everybody who follows Hank wants to meet him and be his friend.  You can check out his website for his meet and greet sessions.

If you’re wondering why Hank is everybody’s best friend, we’ll give you a glimpse of all his fun and charming adventures.

bestfriend hank

He’s a cute gentlepig!

dude trying to look like a lady

This dude tries to have fun by trying to look like a lady in a red dress.

hank 10mos

He’s 10 months and growing cuter and cuter each day.

Hank asking for some treats

Our best friend looks so cute as he asks for some treats.

Hank having fun

Hank is captured having fun behind-the-scenes.

Hank in his stroller

Hank sure enjoys being in his stroller.

hank stalking

The look you make when you’re stalking someone on Facebook.

Hank viewing the solar eclipse

This is Hank when he was viewing the solar eclipse.  Such a cool dude!

pig and bird slumber party

No humans allowed in this slumber party for hank and his bird friend.

Unicorn Hank Farting Rainbows

Everybody loves a unicorn. He’s hank oinking some rainbows!


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