Meet Popeye – the Foodie Dog

When we go out for dinner, some of us like taking pictures of our food and put on hashtags like #foodie, #foodgasm, or any other related food hashtags. We’ve followed some food bloggers who religiously post their new finds. Now, a new “Foodie” is taking the Instagram by storm with his food adventures.

Meet Popeye, the Foodie Dog living in Los Angeles. While he is now usually found dining in the best and most puppy-friendly restaurants in LA, Popeye was once a starving homeless dog, then Ivy Diep found him and took in the stray.

“He was such a mess – super skinny, heavily matted, dirty.” Though she was not looking for another dog at that time, she decided to keep him and immediately fell in love with him. She then started taking Popeye on Instagram dates and found out he was so good around food.

Check out a few of his outings below.


Here’s Popeye enjoying sweater weather with his cappuccino.



He looks so excited meeting the three little pigs in Gelato form.



He’s out for In-N-Out double burgers and animal-style fries!



I wonder if he could finish off this dozen of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Nyahaha



We’re seeing hearts in his eyes with all these food at Shake Shack. And he hasn’t even started eating yet.



“I want all of these!!!”



Ready to eat the clam chowder in that huge bread bowl!



Popeye’s celebrating National Tacos Day!



Could he pass as a Sanrio character? Yes, he could!

More of his food trips in his Instagram account.

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