Doug chillin like a villain

Meet the coolest dog in town, Doug the Pug

With over 8M followers in all of his social media accounts, Doug The Pug has reached the status of celebrity dog.  He’s been featured in a number of news articles and even appeared on music videos and red carpets.  There’s no doubt why.  He’s an adorable pug who sometimes thinks he’s not a dog but a human.

Doug lives in Nashville, Tennessee along with his owner Leslie Mosier.

Doug proud to be from nashville

“I’m proud to be from Nashville!”

Doug has his own Vine, Spotify and YouTube accounts.

Doug with headset

“Listening to my jam! VIP (Very Important Pug) again at a music festival.

He’s made friends with famous celebrities like Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Meghan Trainor, and many more.

Doug with Ed Sheeran

“Selfie with my friend, Ed!”

He continues to ooze swag even when taking a nap.

doug at the red carpet

“Go ahead! Take a picture of me while I sleep.”

He’s too cool for the normal school so he’s going to Hogwarts.

Doug at Hogwarts

“I’m the pug who lives!”

Like most humans, he’s fueled with caffeine.

Doug drinking coffee

“This is why I need my morning coffee.”

He loves the sun as much as humans do.

Doug drinking coffee

“Sunbathing on a floatie.”

He needs some me time too!

Doug salon time

“Salon time!”

Some days are for burger and beer!

Doug snack time

“Want some?”

He partied hard yesterday. Those sunglasses are for hiding the eyebags.

Doug with shades

“Early call time calls for my Ray Ban sunglasses.”

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