Bibi Shasha looks like teddy bear

Meet the tiniest dog on Instagram – Bibi Shasha

If you love teddy bears and puppies, then you’d go crazy over Bibi Shasha. She’s a truly living teddy bear who has become a viral sensation quickly.

Bibi Shasha

She’s tiny but has a wide range of followers. She has gained over 134k follower on social media, bibi_shasha 

Bibi Shasha looks like teddy bearHer cute outfits make her extra-adorable.

Bibi Shasha in white dress
And she’ll surely make you hearts smile!

Bibi Shasha smiley
If you think she’s the only one who can melt your heart, well, she’s got company!

Bibi Shasha sisters
They’re known as the “6 sisters story.”

Here, she’s twinning with her bestfriend, a teacup poodle named El.

shasha and el
She also loves hanging out with this smiling silver poodle, Ruru.

Shasha and Ruru
With long-haired, Shu!

Shasha and shu

It’s a family affair of cuteness!!!

Shasha family

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