More Hilarious Dog Gifs

These dogs are adorable and funny!

funny-gifs (37)

 The cat would move but she’s a little too lazy

funny-gifs (38)

 Super Heroes rocking out

funny-gifs (39)

 How embarrassing!

funny-gifs (40)

 Bathtime = time to hide

funny-gifs (41)

 A little fun with a hose

funny-gifs (42)

 Some day, it feels like I’m going in circles

funny-gifs (43)

 Wait, that’s not a mop!

funny-gifs (44)

 Get him!

funny-gifs (45)

 Just minding my own business when…

funny-gifs (46)

 Ooops, disqualified

funny-gifs (1)

 Watch for the corner… it’s a little slippery

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