panda dogs2

Personally, we think chow chows are cute au naturale, but it would seem that particularly in China, if your chow chow pooch resembles a beloved panda, you can charge a small fortune to a willing buyer, and right now, there are more buyers than there are pooches.  Singapore’s ever growing middle class is more than willing to shell out extra cash for a panda dog, even knowing there is an extra cost associated to the upkeep of maintaining the temporary coloring.   You may be asking yourself, how can I turn a chow chow into a panda?  All it takes is a little hair coloring and a lot of patience, by you and your panda dog. Of course, you will want to start with an all white dog, you will have to use organic dyes so you don’t affect the dog’s sensitive skin, and you will have to reapply the dye about every 6 weeks.

If you are still not convinced that dying your pup’s hair is for you but you want a photo opportunity with a panda bear, you now can.  In Singapore, chow chow mom to three adorable pooches, Meng Jiang,  created a new business venture based on panda dog popularity.  Her company, Panda Chow Chow, enables you to schedule a photo shoot and have your picture taken with her cute panda dogs.

Meng has had to withstand criticism by many who don’t think you should be dying an animal’s fur.  She disagrees that dying animal fur is cruelty.  She believes that her canine children are well taken care of and well loved.  They live in the lap of luxury with her in a 35,000 sq ft home, air conditioning to keep them cool, daily walks, and nothing but the best food to eat.

What do you think?  Is dying fur animal cruelty or are these panda dogs just too cute to resist?

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