Pets From our Fans

On our Facebook page, we recently asked for pictures of pets and here is what our fans sent us!

This is an adorable patterjack.  In case you haven’t heard of a patterjack, it is the cross between a Patterdale Terrier and Jack Russell terrier

patterjack (1)

patterjack (2)

patterjack (3)

patterjack (4)


… and more adorable pets that our fans sent in (our fans have lots of bunnies):

bunny (1)

bunny (2)


This is a 3 month old mini lop cross lionhead bunny willow.  We are told that she sits like this all day!

bunny -3


bunny (3)

bunny (4)

bunny (5)

bunny (6)

bunny (7)

bunny (8)

Last but not least, we also received these pictures of Fluffy and Kara.  We are told that they absolutely adore each other, they’re best friends, partners in crime, brothers

fluffy-kara (1)

fluffy-kara (2)

fluffy-kara (3)


fluffy-kara (4)

fluffy-kara (5)

fluffy-kara (6)

Thanks everyone!


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